Thomas Gütt

developer and technical pre sales consultant



Java / Kotlin, JavaScript, BPMN, Swift + SwiftUI, Python, C / C++, ...

I mainly work with Java / Kotlin during working hours and Swift + SwiftUI during free time.

me in nice clothes presenting my employers software possibilities

sales engineer

Presenting new ideas, concepts or solutions to potential customers is my thing, I love solving problems.

friendly smiley displayed by a home built LED matrix


I love my soldering iron and the broad availability of cool microcontrollers, like the ones from Espressif e.g. ESP-32.

screenshot of my iOS app in Appstore

(iOS App) bezahlt bis...?

I created this App as a hobbiest project with the intention to make it easier grasping credit conditions.

You can check it out here.

zeebe ms orchestration source code on screen

microservice orchestration project

using Camundas Zeebe engine I created a small demo project for flexible microservice orchestration

reach me

You are interested in finding out more about me, cool =). Reach me here:

  • linkedin

    I personally prefer linkedin =)

  • xing (obsolete)

    I consider xing to be obsolete now, I'm not frequent there anymore

  • email

    no worry TommyEmpeg is just my old dj alias