Thomas Gütt

developer and technical pre sales consultant



Java / Kotlin, JavaScript / TypeScript, Swift + SwiftUI, Python, C / C++, ...

I mainly work with Java / Kotlin + Angular2 during working hours and Swift + SwiftUI during free time.

me in nice clothes presenting my employers software possibilities

pre sales ( technical )

Presenting new ideas, concepts or solutions to potential customers is my thing, I love solving problems.

friendly smiley displayed by a home built LED matrix


I love my soldering iron and the broad availability of cool microcontrollers, like the ones from Espressif e.g. ESP-32.

reach me

You are interested in finding out more about me, cool =). Reach me here:

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    I personally prefer linkedin =)

  • xing

    though you can also reach me here

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    no worry TommyEmpeg is just my old dj alias